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The highest peak is Polacica (216). Fertile valley with olive grove, vineyards and lemon trees is located between two limestone mountains. Bay Lopud is located at the northwest side and bay Sunj at southeast part. Village Lopud is only one and it is located by the coast with same name. Light climate at island with preponderance of sunny days, rich Adriatic vegetation, the scheduled ferry (connecting island with Dubrovnik) were main factors of development of this tourism area. They are no cars at islands. Greek’s island Delaphodia, later Romans island Lafota, became to be part of Dubrovnik in 11th century. Lopud was residency of administrator in year 1457. Island was peopled in 15th century by runners from Turky. Send beaches are in the Sunj’s bay.

Lopud – this important tourism and health resort developed by the Lopud bay, which is the most beautiful in this group of islands. Around stony houses are gardens, palm trees and cypress. Bay has a broad beach, small harbor and hotels. Rebuilt summer residency of family Dordic has a park and is located at coast. Monastery from year 1483, church with amazing bell tower and reminds of administrator’s palace, which was protecting town.